The KUG consists of a selection of Karoo users that provide support to the Karoo userbase and feedback to KC.

For more information on how and why the KUG was formed and what we do, please read the About Us page.

If you are experiencing any issues with the Karoo service, please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist.

Karoo Wish List

The following are the top suggestions for improvements to the Karoo services:

  1. More choice of bundles.
  2. Better value for money, e.g. faster speeds and lower prices.
  3. Broadband only service (no phone).
  4. An improved Karoo mail server, e.g. more space and use from mobile.
  5. An improved Karoo web server, i.e. more features and web space.

Please Contact Us with your suggestions for improvements to the Karoo services.

Browser Watch

To avoid potential security issues, keep your web browser up to date:



      Internet Explorer



The KUG recommend the use of Firefox.

Latest News:


KC Customer Forums

There have been a number of customer forums in the last several months, where a variety of topics have been discussed with KC in order to gather feedback on recent and future enhancements to their services.

  • Broadband Quotas: In recent years, the introduction of services such as LOVEFiLM and Netflix, as well as BBC iPlayer etc, has resulted in numerous customers unknowingly building-up large broadband over-usage charges. The consensus seemed to be that improved alerting and education on broadband usage would help alleviate this issue, and that increased usage limits and longer usage periods (e.g. 3 monthly limits instead of monthly limits) would also be useful. KC have since increased the usage limits and plan on further changes in the near future.
  • Bill Designs: The content, terminology and presentation were all discussed. The consensus seemed to be that there were several areas that could be improved, but particularly the presentation. KC have since prototyped a new design, after reviewing some potential designs provided by the KUG, and the prototype was also previewed at a subsequent customer forum. KC plan on finalising/using the new design in the near future.
  • Contact Methods: Preferred methods of contacting both the customer services and technical support teams were discussed. The methods available being: phone, email and live-chat. The focus was mostly on contact via phone, as feedback on using systems that provide queue waiting positions/times, optional callback features and single/multi level menu systems were of particular interest. KC have since made improvements to the information provided whilst waiting in queues, and increased awareness/backing of the use of live-chat.
  • TV Services: With BT, Sky and Virgin offering a TV service in addition to their phone and broadband services, KC are looking to launch their own TV service shortly. The focus was mostly on what existing channels and video-on-demand services are essential, but whether there was any interest in any local content in the future was also discussed, due to KC finding themselves in the unique position of having all of their customers living within a relatively small area. A demo of the planned TV service also took place.
  • Web Presence: KC were seeking feedback on whether their web presence provides all of the necessary information about their services, in addition to whether that information is well presented. The consensus seemed to be that whilst the information itself was for the most-part available there was definitely room for improvement when it came to making that information easy to find. KC plan to combine/reorganise their web sites to improve usability, whilst also providing some simple-to-use tools for tasks such as looking-up call charges, in the future.
  • KC Lightstream: The fibre optic broadband services were discussed, in terms of interest in the services themselves, the benefits of the FTTC and FTTH technology being used, and how the roll-out plans/strategy (influenced by government targets and interest registered by customers) were proceeding. KC reported that the roll-out was proceeding well, with respect to the roll-out schedule and high take-up of the services, and that as a consequence the project was gaining momentum.
  • KC Mobile: With nearly everyone having a mobile phone these days, KC recognise that the traditional land line is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and consequently wished to gather feedback on the introduction of their mobile service (powered by O2), which would form the start of KC becoming more involved in the mobile market. The discussions touched on the optional choice of handsets (and included a demo), but were mostly around what range of mobile tariffs would be desirable, i.e. variations on the inclusive minutes, texts and data, should the mobile operators make available such wholesale services in the future.
  • KC Online: The first stage of revamping the web site for managing phone and/or broadband accounts online had been completed, and KC were keen to discover how customers were finding the changes. The consensus seemed to be that the revamp had improved both the appearance and usability of the web site, but there were some minor teething issues to resolve for some users (mostly around using Adobe Reader to view bills) and some improvements that could be made to make certain features more discoverable/prominent. KC plan on extending this web site to incorporate other features, some of which are currently available on other web sites and others were suggested enhancements, so that in the future it can all be easily found/managed in one place.

KC Bundles

KC recently introduced their bundled phone and broadband services.

The KC Bundles offer significant savings over paying for the same services separately, and even though the number of available bundles is currently limited, you may find that by switching to a bundled service you could reduce your monthly bills, whilst also improving the services that you receive.

You can find more details on the KC Bundles on the Karoo Services page.

Sending and Receiving Karoo email on your mobile

We have recently been receiving many questions on how to setup mobile phones for Karoo email. Here are the basic settings needed in order to achieve this:

  • Mail Server Type: POP3
  • Incoming Mail Server: pop.karoo.co.uk
  • Username: Your Karoo mailbox name; e.g. example@example.karoo.co.uk.
  • Password: Your Karoo mailbox password
  • Outgoing Mail Server: As defined by your mobile operator; e.g. on Orange it is smtp.orange.net, while on O2 it is smtp.o2.co.uk.

Note: The Karoo outgoing mail server (smtp.karoo.co.uk) will ONLY allow you to send email when you are connected to the Internet using Karoo, and NOT if your mobile is connected to the Internet via your mobile operator using 3G or GPRS.

All of the current and previous news items are available in the News Archive.

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