A large number of Karoo users have recently been reporting various problems accessing their Karoo email accounts. This troubleshooting guide will aim to resolve most of these problems. However, if you are still not able to collect or read email, or having any other issue related to your Karoo service, please Contact Us.

Q. I can not collect my email / I get an error message. What is the problem?
A. There are three possible reasons for you not being able to collect your email, these are as follows:

- The email server (pop.karoo.co.uk) is down for some reason. Check the Karoo Network Status page for the latest information.

- Your email client has been setup wrongly. Ensure your settings are as follows:

Type of email account: POP3
Incoming mail server: pop.karoo.co.uk
Outgoing mail server: smtp.karoo.co.uk
Username: mailbox@nodename.karoo.co.uk, e.g. fred@bloggs.karoo.co.uk
Password: mailboxpassword, e.g. tm3q2hsval4rcqa3

Note: No other settings are required to access your Karoo email account.

- The last reason you may not be able to collect your email is that there could be a problem specific to your account. This could be due to a malformed email. You may be able to resolve this problem by deleting the offending email using Telnet. This can be done by following these instructions:

  1. Open a Command Prompt window. This can be done by typing cmd at a Run prompt.

  2. Once the Command Prompt window loads, type in the following command: telnet pop.karoo.co.uk 110

  3. After typing the above command, press return/enter. You will see the line "+OK ready" followed by a prompt.

  4. The email server is now waiting to know who you are! Type user followed by your username, e.g. user whatever@username.karoo.co.uk

  5. After typing the command, press return/enter. You will see the line "+OK Password required for mailbox" followed by a prompt.

  6. The email server now needs to know your password. Type pass followed by your password, e.g. pass tm3q2hsval4rcqa3

  7. Press return, and the email server will log you in, telling you how many email messages are waiting.

  8. You can now choose to read your email, message by message, by using the retr command, e.g. retr 7 (which will show the entire email, including mail headers) or delete your email, message by message, by using the dele command, e.g. dele 7 (which will delete the email from the email server).

The complete list of POP3 commands that can be used via Telnet are as follows:

- USER name
- PASS string

- STAT [Displays mailbox size, in octets]
- LIST [Displays each message size, in octets]
- TOP msg n [Displays n amount of lines from msg, e.g. TOP 2 50 would display the first 50 lines of message 2 in the mailbox. Helpful if the email is particularly large!]
- RETR msg [Retrieves the entire msg, e.g. RETR 2]
- DELE msg [Marks a msg for deletion, e.g. DELE 2]
- NOOP [Keeps the Telnet session active]
- RSET [Un-deletes anything marked for deletion]

- QUIT [Quits Telnet session, deleting anything marked for deletion]

Note: If you can log in to the email server using Telnet, but not in your regular email client, e.g. Microsoft Outlook, your problem is almost certainly down to a malformed email. This can happen for a variety of reasons, none of which are specific to your account (these things just happen from time to time!).

Account specific problems can occur for other reasons however. If using Telnet fails to resolve your problem, please contact the appropriate Karoo Technical Helpdesk. Telephone numbers for the Helpdesks can be found on the Contact KC page.

Q. I am receiving a lot of junk email (also known as SPAM). Is there anything I can do?
A. If you are been bombarded by SPAM, you may, if you have the time, like to "fight back" by using the SPAM COP service. Sadly, there is little else that can be done apart from only giving your email address out to trusted sources.

Q. I receive a lot of junk email and it can take a long time to download. Is there anything I can do?
A. To speed up your email service, especially on dial-up, you can select to 'pick' which emails you wish to download from the email server. If you have ever used Usenet, then you will have no problem using email in this way!

In Microsoft Outlook, this feature can be enabled by following this path: Tools>Options>Mail Setup>Send/Receive>Edit. Now select to Download headers only. Now navigate out of the options by following this path: OK>Close>OK.

In future, when you perform a Send/Receive, Outlook will only download a small part of any email, known as the header. Double clicking on any selected header will give you the option of downloading the entire email or deleting the email, without it ever been transferred fully to your email client!

Q. Many other ISP's seem to provide an anti-SPAM service for their customers. Why doesn't Karoo offer such a service?
A. They do! KC provide a 'Junk Mail' filter available via the Karoo Control Panel.

Q. I am getting an error saying there are "envelope errors" / I am unable to login to my inbox via Telnet. What can I do to gain access to my mail?
A. The only way to gain access to your inbox is to ring the Helpdesk applicable to your Internet service so KC can clear your inbox.

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